I’m populating this section with design work from my huge portfolio of 15 years. I upload a couple of new artworks every week. Please note that this page is in its early stages.

Animal Health

Pet Food, Veterinary

Vetinize - The Vets Reference
The Vets Reference

Branding, Logos, Brand Names

Brouwer - Pet Food
Pet Food

Tri-Fold Leaflets

Fitmin - Traditioanl Czech Pet Food Brand
Pet Food

Roll Up Banners

Dibaq - Pet Food
Pet Food

Ads, Banners, Posters


Makeup Boutique, Nail Bars, Skincare Products, Spa

Le Glam De N - Makeup Online Boutique
Online Makeup Boutique

Branding, Logos, Social Media Content

Mei - Nail Bar & Spa
Nail Bar, Skincare Products, Spa

Branding, Brand Names, Logos


Trading Companies

Motion Koncept - Trading Company

Branding, Business Cards, Logos

Imixx - Trading Company
Import / Export

Branding, Business Cards, Logos



Khaled El Outhman - Blacksmith

Branding, Logos, Business Cards


Restaurants, Cafés, Catering Businesses

Junction - Restaurant Café
International Cuisine Restaurant

Ads, Branding, Logos, Social Media Content Creation

Mum Choice - Food That Makes Your Belly Dance
Catering Business

Branding, Logos

Abd El Wahab - Lebanese Restaurant - Logo
Lebanese Restaurant

Ads, Branded Stamps, Branding, Business Cards, Delivery Menus, Logos, Menus

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Olive Oils

OODP - Olive Oil Distribution And Production
Olive Oil Distribution And Production

Branding, Brand Names, Logos, Company Profile Creations

Technology, Lifestyle


Jama - Technology, Lifestyle
Technology, Lifestyle

Brand Consultancy